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Whatever prompted you to visit our website today, whether you are confused or frustrated by some money related matter, or whether you need help to get your finances in order, or indeed if you know exactly what you want in financial terms but don't know how to get it, welcome to ad+ financial.

ad+ financial specialises in relationship based financial planning, helping you plan and achieve your financial freedom, and will work closely with you to help you along the way. We work especially well with three main types of clients.

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You work very hard and earn a higher than average income, which allows you a lifestyle that you have come to love and want to enjoy forever. Life is hectic and your finances are maybe not as well organised as you would like. How do you make sure this financial freedom will continue beyond the time when you stop working?...


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You have made sacrifices building up your business, but it's been worth it for the financial rewards. But business often comes first, and it can be difficult to see what financial freedom will look like at the time when you want to stop working and start doing all the things you really enjoy...


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What do you need to do to ensure that you never, ever, run out of money, but still enjoy the lifestyle that you want? Will you have to take any risks with your money? What can you reasonably pass on to your family without curbing your own financial freedom...



The great joy of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about life's uncertainties over money. Financial freedom means different things to different people, and our first job is to help you identify what this means to you. We will then work closely with you to pave the way for a secure financial future, whether you are single, have a family, or own your own business irrespective of size.

We believe that what you really want is an ongoing relationship with your adviser, with regular reviews to help you fulfil your financial and lifestyle goals, not just for today, but throughout your lifetime.


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